peach branch bangle

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets | Patio Peach Branch

  • $ 12800

There's nothing better than walking in nature and coming upon...

Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets

Just lying around.

But seriously this is such an incredible find and your friends will surely think so too, when you wear this amazing sterling silver bangle bracelet hand cast from a small peach tree in my backyard. All of my sterling silver bangle bracelets are lovingly patinaed or given an antique finish. This gives this bracelet a beautiful organic look that is undeniable. Especially cool features and benefits of this peach branch bangle bracelet. 

  • 8" in circumference. 
  • Antique finish (patina)
  • Lovingly hammered gives it more resilience and organic feel.
  • Can wear with other bangles, creates awe.
  • Wear with other nature inspired jewelry for extra bang.

Note: Due to sterling silver bangle bracelets being handcrafted variances may occur. 

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